FurCats - A Shop. For Cats.

FurCats is a shop for cats that meets all your feline needs – and wants.  Founded on the desire to provide healthy food for cats, we opened in July 2017, in the heart of Chorlton, Manchester. We believe that feeding our cats well enables them to thrive and be happy; whilst indulging them with treats and trinkets helps reciprocate their unconditional love.

Healthy Cat Mission

The premise for our shop is to explore the link between healthy cat; healthy owner. We understand the need to feed our loved ones (cats) with food that is high in meat content as well as high in quality. We source healthy cat food that provides a balanced diet for your busy kitty; meeting the needs of kitten, cat and senior.

FurCats focuses on healthy food as well as encouraging cat play and learning. It is evident that cats are happier and healthier when they eat well and are active – just as we are! We stock a range of healthy cat food and cat toys; to basic hygiene products such as litter and toothbrushes (yes, it’s a thing), as well as luxury products such as cat beds and bow ties – for those special (or everyday) occasions!

There is a tonne of evidence out there, that proves that cats can help maintain not only our physical, but also emotional well-being; keeping us healthy. They are, some might say, the ‘purrrfect’ companion (I’m sorry, just the one cat-pun, I promise)!

Gifts 'n' Stuff

We stock an array of gifts for those of us ruled by our kitties. We sell t-shirts, FurCats merchandise and things for your home – we even have toys for dogs! Browse our catalogue now and get them (or yourself) something special.

Everyone knows a cat owner; whether they are friends, family or colleagues; there is something for everyone in FurCats – A Shop. For Cats!

A Word from FurCats' Owner

I was a secondary school teacher for a number of years, before opening FurCats in July 2017 in Chorlton, Manchester. Being a first-time pet-owner, I discovered the joys of owning a kitten and started to shop for two! But here is where my frustration began; I realised very quickly, that in order to buy him food and other items I deemed essential, I had to travel around. Having benefitted from the healing powers of my kitty, the priority for my shop was to ensure that owners could feed their cats well and indulge them (on a par with dogs), all under one roof!
My intention was to create a place, borne of the love I had for my own cat that would be understood and mirrored by a wider cat community. I realised quickly, that like their lion ancestors, cats are very much the ‘kings’ of their jungle; the heart of a home.

Nazima Kheratkar


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