Did you know..? Cats are TOTALLY AMAZING for your health too!!

Healthy Cat

We know how important it is to feed our cats food that has a high meat content. Irrespective of what our own diet may be, cats are obligate carnivores so the more meat they eat, the more energy they will have. In turn, the more they play the healthier and happier they will be!

Most of us are conscious of the food we put into our own bodies. As a generation of people who are more inquisitive about where our meat, veg and dairy comes from, we endeavour to only eat what is best for us – making more conscious decisions about what we eat. We make more informed decisions and in the same way, we need to be aware of what we are feeding our cats. Do you know how much meat is in the food you give your cats? Be wary of words such as ‘with’ or ‘flavoured’ or ‘rich in’ whatever meat, as this will ironically indicate, a lack of meat – and often, will be filled with meat by-products. By using these words, more renowned cat-food manufacturers get away with putting in as little as 4% meat! And much of that is meat derivatives!

Is your cat often hungry? Eats all the time? Some of this will be because cats are a *bit greedy, (mine definitely is)! but, it could be because the food they are eating is not fulfilling their dietary requirements. The lack of meat in their diet, will mean that they will want to eat more – so cheaper, isn’t always best – especially as you’re essentially then feeding your cat twice as much and twice as often.

(*a bit=very)


How else can you keep your cat healthy?

A kitten can reach sexual maturity as early as 4-5 months old. This is when he should be neutered (or she, spayed). The results of this, is that they are less likely to roam and fight (males, who naturally roam further) and less likely to have unwanted pregnancies (females, therefore fewer kittens needing to be homed/ rescued). They are also less likely to contract diseases in both male and female cats – often passed through cat bites, during mating as well as a number of other benefits.

Healthy Owner

So why is it important to feed your cat good, quality, meaty food? Well, not only is it vital for them and their own health, but it also has a massive impact on our own health; physical as well as emotional! Did you know, owning a cat can have a positive impact on your own mental health? Cats are amazing therapists and can help heal us through our toughest times, with their natural magic! And by magic, I mean their purring and their ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels, through petting (in fact, their very presence can have a profoundly positive impact)!

There has been an increase in using cats (and pets in general), as therapy for those either in care homes, suffering emotional/ physical trauma, dementia, mourning a loss, suffering from depression and anxiety, to name but a few.  Evidence suggests that being able to stroke a cat, or simply having one near you, can help you to relax and instantly ‘feel’ better.  No wonder they were deemed Gods in Ancient Egypt!

They say cats choose their owners (or decide on who they want to own).  If you’re the ‘chosen one’ and have been honoured – then reciprocate their love and feed them well, so in turn they live longer, happier, healthier lives!

By feeding your cat a healthy diet, you are in turn, helping yourself.  But who, is saving who?