Let's Talk About Cats, Bay-Bee..!

(on The FurCats’ Wall of Frame)

Who wants the world to see their cat/s? Who wants to see pictures of other cats? Who loves cat-chat?
Well, ALL OF THOSE things can happen here!

Our FurCats’ Hall of Frame has been a gorgeous way to hear stories about our feline friends whilst helping to put a name to a face! It was a HUGE success in our physical shop and showcased our community of cats. So, let’s recreate a much bigger cat community, right here!

Post a picture of your cat/s on our *FurCats’ Wall of Frame, with their name and a caption telling us a bit about them… Are they a devil cat or meek and mild? Needy or aloof? Attentive or dismissive? Super-busy or super-lazy? Tell us what we need to know – we’re so excited to ‘meet’ them… ??

*Terms and Conditions:

  • If you’ve ever featured in our FurCats’ Hall of Frame – we’d love to ‘meet’ them again on our FurCats’ Wall of Frame. We love our old friends!
  • One picture per cat, per theme. Please include their name (with a short bio)!
  • We will regularly feature different themes – you can post the same cats for each different theme
  • If you have more than one cat – please post as many cats as you have
  • FurCats’ Hall of Frame was limited to 144 pictures. We have no limits here – so go ahead!
  • Post pictures of cats who live in our homes and those who now live in our hearts
  • We want to celebrate all cats and love all welcome every single one
  • FurCats are only using the images you send to showcase your feline beauties. We do not own the images – the images are yours (even if your cat/s don’t know about them)!
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